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Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine is not a substitute for health insurance. Concierge Medicine is an alternative medical model, which can offer unlimited office visits and telemedicine. It is a great model for "direct pay" patients, as well as patients with a high deductible insurance plan.

Concierge Medicine is defined as a relationship between a patient and a primary care/specialist physician where the patient pays an annual fee directly to the doctor and in return they become your own personal physician, taking direct responsibility for your healthcare needs to increase life span, health span, optimize physical and emotional health, and prevent the development of chronic disorders.

Benefits of Dr. Sandhu's

Concierge Medicine Program

A Primary Care Physician and a Gastroenterology Specialist taking care of your gastrointestinal issues as well as your pancreas and liver

365 days and weekend/holiday availability, via cell phone, email, and text

House Calls

Same Day or Next Day - Unhurried Appointments

Minimal Wait Times

Longer, More Frequent Appointment

More Quality Time Spent

Unlimited Primary Care Services

Better Continuity of Care

Personal Access to a physician Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, available to you 24/7

Access to Colonoscopies and Endoscopies for internal evaluations

Active treatment and prevention to improve longevity

State of the art treatment

Optimized Health

Personalized Service

Preventative, not reactive, care

Increased Lifespan and Healthier Life

S. Goney Sandhu, M.D.

Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine and

Concierge V.I.P. Medicine

Practice Location

Dr. Sandhu's Office

734 Mowry Avenue

Fremont, CA 94536

Tel: 510-793-3033

Fax: 510-793-4952

All information, content and material of this website is for information purposes only. Viewing this site, receipt of information contained on this site, or the transmission of  information from this site does not constitute a physician-patient relationship. For a complete medical evaluation of a specific concern, please contact Dr. Sandhu’s office directly.    

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